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Liberty Hall Creates Resource Group

Liberty Hall Resource Group
The Liberty Hall Resource Group was created to assist the Site staff in carrying out its mission. Serving as a part of the Resource Group are Steve Anders, Jan DeBarthe, Marjie Foster, Les Gardner, Mark and Cherie Hensley, Jan Keairnes, Tom Morain, Mary Lou Piepergerdes, Gary Rees, Bill and Lois Russell and Greg Sutherland.

The Resource Group meets to discuss ways in which Liberty Hall can become a more dynamic, action oriented and utilized resource within the Lamoni and church communities. This includes trying to identify those programs and activities that would be of interest to the community and that illustrate Lamoni's early years, Liberty Hall's Victorian lifestyle, and Joseph Smith III's mission. As such programs and activities are identified, volunteers will be sought to carry them into fruition.

Liberty Hall, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, is a rich but sometimes overlooked resource. The current trend among such historic sites is to reach beyond cultural tourism, where visitors come only once or a few times, and develop programs and activities that are site related but which involve patrons in affinity groups built around ongoing programs related to those patrons' interests.

Such a model seeks to capture the interests of boomers as they retire, utilize social networking and provide meaningful life experiences for those participating. Liberty Hall seeks to adopt and implement such a model, and creation of the Resource Group is an integral step in that process.