Home of Joseph Smith III

Welcome to Liberty Hall Historic Site

Liberty Hall was built in 1881 in Lamoni, Iowa, and until 1905 was home to Joseph Smith III, the first president of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - now the Community of Christ. Smith served in this capacity from 1860 to 1914. He called his home Liberty Hall to welcome all who might come to visit him and his family.

Liberty Hall was a center of social and religious life for the community. There were parties and weddings and fun nights before the fire place eating apples and popcorn, playing games and reading aloud. Joseph Smith said "Liberty Hall throbbed with life, teeming with the bustling activities of a large and growing family." Birth, death, and marriage occurred within its walls. Joys and sorrows succeeded each other as day the night.

Liberty Hall is a premier restoration site listed on the Iowa and National Registers of historic homes that gives visitors a glimpse into a middle-class family, an era of late Midwestern Victorian culture, and the story of a significant religious movement in American history. The house, furniture, and antiques uniquely represent that time.

Liberty Hall Historic Site Mission: To preserve the home of Joseph Smith III and to share his life story and work in the context of his family, the Lamoni community, and the Community of Christ.

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